Vehicle Valuables Policy

We appreciate our customers and understand that they may leave valuable personal items inside their vehicles. However, we are not responsible for the loss or damage of any item of value that is inside the vehicle during the cleaning service.

  To prevent possible loss or damage, we recommend that customers remove all valuables before leaving their vehicle for cleaning. In the event that the client decides to leave any valuables inside the vehicle, the company is not responsible and it is suggested that the client sign a non-responsibility agreement.

 In the event that a client reports a loss or damage to a valuable item, an internal investigation protocol will be followed and all possible information will be provided to the relevant authorities, if necessary.

 It is important to note that the company reserves the right to refuse to perform the service if any valuable object is identified inside the vehicle, and will not assume any responsibility for the possible loss or damage of said objects.

By accepting our cleaning services, the client accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of this policy.